Beach and Dive Resort Business for Sale

July 2018

SOLD Out-No longer Available

July 2017 update

     This beach and dive resort is now solar-powered:




Solar controller-battery system


The Beach and Dive Resort

The beach and dive resort, an internationally known destination in Palawan, sits on a 1.53 hectare property located in Popototan Island, Busuanga, Palawan.  The land is a tax-declared property with a FlagT (Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism) permission from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). According to the DENR, this FlagT is good for 25 years, renewable for additional 25 years, and transferable.

The Resort can be reached within 45 minutes by plane from Manila to Busuanga/Coron airport, then about 45  minutes by van to drop point, then about 45 minutes by boat to the resort.

The land has 900m shoreline with a 700m protected coral reef in front of the resort that is rich with marine life. In front of the resort’s coral reef is a ship wreck at 14m depth that has been cleared of all poisonous and harmful materials and sunk six years ago by the owner.  Today, it is full of soft corals, lion fish and jack fish.  We also often see the blue spotted stingray there.  Perfect for open-water students to explore the world of wreck diving.

Behind the resort is a 100% protected mangrove forest of more than 3 hectares. This mangrove forest has more than 60 different species of birds.  The island is also populated by monitor lizards, some up to 6 ft long, as well as monkeys living at the back of the mangrove.  Behind the mangrove is a 3.5 ha. x 3.5 ha area of wild jungle with tracks to all beach fronts of the island including to nearby Maglalambay village.

A covered spring located 1 km  behind the resort provides drinking water all year round.  The water is clean and drinkable right from the tab, even for tourists.

Lighting in the entire pier of the resort is LED for  low-consumption.

The Resort is located within 30-40 minutes banca (outrigger boat) ride from famous ship wrecks and islands like Dicoayan, Colamboyan, and Black Island, best dive sites in the Calamian group of islands.



facing a beautiful sunrise view




mouth of mangrove area beside the dive building;  the bridge is the access to the staff house on the other side of the mangrove area




entering the resort area



pathwalk at the back of cottages going to south side and to owner’s house


google_map_marked 2 lots

The area marked with orange color is the location of the beach and dive resort in Popototan Island.


Popototan Island is marked in purple color. It is located in the Calamian group of islands in the northernmost part of Palawan, Philippines.


Long Pier

The Resort has a 98m long pier, with  a 3.5m depth in lowest tide. This means that vessels from Manila can go in at all times, for supplying directly at the pier with diesel, gasoline, building materials, etc.  The pier is also suitable for seaplanes.  All columns at the pier is drilled from 6-8 feet down in the sand into solid rock.



From the bridge over mangrove river is a workshop with all needed tools, a shelter for dry-docking (up to 32 feet long boat) and an indoor workshop.  It is  supplied with almost all kinds of repair and maintenance tools needed.

Laundry Room

Behind the workshop is a laundry room with washing machines and storage for bedlinen, towels, etc.  The water in the laundry is filtered.  At the back is an area for keeping fuel, oil, and other flammable liquids.

Staff House

In the other side of the mangrove river is the staff house which accommodates 20-25 people.


staff house on the other side of mangrove area

Dive Building and other facilities

The Resort has its own dive building,  a complete dive center with well-maintained dive gear for 14 divers, and a room for theoretical education.  Attached to the dive shop is a compressor room with top modern Bauer filling system, with a 420 l bayer one capitano Bauer and a brand new Italian compressor and 100 dive tanks.

The Resort is a certified PADI dive resort.



dive building


dive equipments



back of dive building and workshop beside it

dive building


At the top of the shop, there’s a dive -instructor room with own bath and CR, followed by 3 big guestrooms with private shower and CR.

Also, there’s a 13,000 l water tank supplying water to the resort.

Office and Front Desk

A cottage housing the resort’s office and front desk is located at the entrance, in front of the pier.  It is powered by batteries and inverter so there is power in this area all the time.

There is also internet signal (wifi).


office and front desk

Kitchen Building

A two-storey building houses the kitchen on the ground floor.  The kitchen is big and good for supplying 100 people.    It has 8 stoves, 2 ovens, 2 refrigerators and 2 freezers in a separate storage room.

The kitchen is directly connected to the restaurant by a walkway, with a big barbecue gas grill at midway.   The walkway functions as a serving area during buffets.

On top of the kitchen, at the second floor of the building, is a library, a gym and a massage room.



gym and massage room



Public Toilet and Shower

Beside the kitchen building is  a  public CR and shower.  This structure has separate rooms for men and women.


public toilet and shower


Power Plant

Behind the kitchen building is a sound-proof generator building, with a low-noise airman 15 kwa 3 faced generator, a Denyo 20 kwa 3 faced generator and a 5 kwa single face generator.  In addition, the resort also has a back-up 15 kwa generator.

The resort, when fully booked, consumes 7.8 kwa when the dive compressor isn’t running.  It consumes 22 l diesel over 12 hours.

The Resort’s  electrical installations are environment-friendly with low energy LED lighting.  All installations are dogged down and isolated in PE pipes,  and everything is done in a high standard for a high lifespan.  Each bungalow has thermo-fuses and solar switches.

The Restaurant

The main restaurant has a fully equipped bar with refrigerators, ice-machine and bar-desk.  The dining area accommodates 21 persons at a time.  Right outside the restaurant, with direct ocean view, is a covered dining area which accommodates another 28 guests.


inside the restaurant

resto bldg

the restaurant building


inside the dining area

Guests Accommodation

Cottages and buildings are made of concrete and strong materials with sawali cladding.  Roofing is from local cool materials.

The Resort has 19 guest rooms in cottages and buildings situated on beautiful white sand beach.

Bay View Room | Beach Cottage


Garden View Room | Beach Cottage


Sea View Room | Beach Cottage


Sea View Beach Private Cottage DeLuxe


Sea View Beach Private Cottage


Sea View Family Room | Beach Cottage


Additional Photos



Manager’s / Owner’s Facility

At the top of the hillside, south of the resort, is a 85 sqm private house.  It is built with modern facilities in a modern style.  All rooms are airconditioned.  The house is powered from the resort and supported with its own emergency/low season 5 kwa generator.  It is constructed 10 m up at the hill and have a fantastic sunset view.  Next to the house is a shelter/ terrace facing direct south with a fantastic view.

The house is built and prepared for a second floor with separate entrance.

The house’ water supply is from a separate 5 cu m water tank which can also supply the resort in emergencies.


owner’s house on top of hillside with provision for 2nd floor


side entrance of house facing the sea


view from living room of owner’s house


living and dining of owner’s house



2nd bedroom-owner’s house


toilet-owner’s house


view from living/dining

20160519_090226 20160519_090250


view from side entrance/exit


bedroom as seen from side entrance area


pathway to shelter/terrace overlooking the sea

shelter/ terrace


Potential for Business Expansion / Development Opportunities

There’s still a lot of space at the seafront, enough for at least 8 double cottages.  A whole new compound can be constructed at the hillside.  An old foundation at the south-end is intended for a honeymoon cottage.

At the south beach (behind the hill) , we have a joint venture with the other owner.  She is interested to sell.  We stand in front line to buy that, joint venture can be taken over, written in contract.  It has 300 m of white sand beach on a 2 hectare (20,000m2)  land, which has been approved by DENR as a FlagT area.  Straight out from here we have the Dugong area.  And a nice coral reef.

The Resort and this south beach is connected with a nice track (15 minutes walk).  The plan  is to make a road for a multi cab if this area will be developed by the Resort.

This area can be attractive for guests to come to the resort even during low season  from May to November.  The big waves in this area  is good for wave boarding, similar as Cloud 9 in Siargao, but without the dangerous corals.

The idea was to make the first backpacker beach facility in the Philippines with its own activity center, with jet ski, water ski, etc.  The Resort would then provide the opportunity for diving, with its dive center facility.

The Resort has already established a concrete villa construction (only a rough house, not finished yet) in this area  at the beach with a building permit.


SELLING PRICE of the Resort         P90M (net), negotiable

                          Ninety Million Philippine Pesos

The price covers 15,300 sq meters of land plus all improvements, buildings, cottages, tools and machinery, furniture and fixtures, and all assets that are existing on this land  including the operating business and goodwill. The present owner is willing to  orient, assist and guide the buyer during initial take-over in the operation of the Resort including  imparting his know how in the operation and maintenance of  infrastructure, tools and machinery.


Terms and conditions of sale:

     Owner/Seller will update payment of Real  Property taxes on the property.

     Buyer will shoulder the notarization expenses and Transfer Fee (1/2 of 1% of consideration or market value). DENR FlagT is paid up to year 2021.


For inquiries, please contact:

     Purificacion “Pops”  T. delos Santos

     Real Estate Broker, PRC no. 17305


     Contact no.  +63 (0) 9175331600

Narra St. 2, Fernvale Subdivision, Pob. 6, Coron, Palawan, Philippines