Beach Property For Sale

received_10214059266022588drone shot of beach property for sale



The hill on the right side of the property protects it from big waves

LOCATION                :  Sitio Dagwate, Bgy. Turda, Coron, Palawan

AREA                           :  9,844 sq. meters

Tax Declaration No. :  023-0278-A  


           The property is bounded by the seashore on the North and West side, with about 30 meters long beach area in the North (front of property) while the rest of seashore area is covered with mangroves.  On the East side of the property is a hill while the South side is an agricultural land.  

           Inside the property is a sandy area with tamarind and forest trees and some newly planted coconut trees.  The mangrove area on the north, west and a portion on the east side is rich with marine life, the area being preserved and yet unspoiled.

        The property for sale is classified as an Agricultural Land in the Tax Declaration issued by the Municipal Assessor of Coron.  In the survey and sketch plan conducted and prepared by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Coron (DENR), the area is verified to be within an Unclassified Public Forest.  According to DENR, the right to this type of property is transferrable to any Filipino person or entity and whoever holds the right has also the right to apply for foreshore lease of the waters around it, as long as its use conforms with  environmental laws of the locality.  In addition, this right can also be shared and the property area can be subdivided.  The present owner/holder of the right to this property will only have to execute a Waiver of Rights in favor of the buyer/transferee in effecting his transfer of right to the property to another.  Afterwards, a new Tax Declaration in the name of the new owner/transferee can be issued.

          Electricity connection  can be applied from Busuanga Electric Cooperative (BISELCO). Barangay Turda has a good water supply.  Water connection can be applied with the local water provider.  There is good internet signal in the area.  Globe Telecom has a telecommunications tower in the barangay.

          The property is protected from strong winds and waves due to its location which is beside a hill on the east side and mangroves on the west and portion on the north side.   Also there are rocks on that stretch of the sea that prevents big waves to get in.  But a bit farther,  on the northeast side, sometimes there are big waves, which can be good for surfing.

SELLING PRICE         :   Two Million Pesos (P2M)


The location of the beach property for sale is shown by the red downward arrow.


The sketch plan of the property for sale.


The 9,844 sq meter-beach property for sale.


Side view of the property at low tide, beach area on the north (about 30 meters long), the rest of the seashore area is covered with mangroves.


The hill on the East side of the property.


Barangay Turda proper and pier on the northwest.


View facing Barangay Turda proper and pier.


beach area



Inside the property facing West.


Inside the property


Pathwalk inside the property, entrance and exit via land (East side)


Inside the property facing West


Inside the property


Inside the property


Inside the property


Inside the property facing West,  mangroves side.


Area beside the mangroves (West and South side)


Inside the property


The trees at the back of the property (south side)


Property line starts 7 meters from the highest level of water during high tide.


Gap between the mangroves in the West side of the property


Near the boundary on the East side



Barangay Turda proper and the pier. Beautiful view, safe and peaceful community.


Barangay Turda is on the east side of Coron town proper


Location of Coron town and Barangay Turda in the Philippines.

The 9,844 sq. meters beach property for sale can be reached by boat in 5 minutes from the pier of Barangay Turda.  It can also be reached by foot or motorcycle via Sitio Longaon, a village before Barangay Turda proper.

Barangay Turda is located less than 30 kilometers from Coron town proper via Sitio Pali, Barangay 6 or about 35 kilometers via Guadalupe-San Nicolas-Borac road.

Coron town is located in Busuanga Island, the biggest island in the Calamian group of islands in the northernmost part of Palawan.  Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Airlines, and Skyjet  Air have daily flights from Manila to Busuanga/Coron.  Coron can also be reached via 2Go shipping ferry which has twice (2x) a week voyage from Manila ( Manila-Coron-Puerto Princesa and back route).