3,000 sq. meters Residential/Commercial Lot For Sale – Coron, Palawan

tejada property




Area:                                                              3,000 sq. meters

Classification in Tax Dec.                              Residential

Allowable Use:                                                Residential/Commercial

Location:                                                         Poblacion 6, Coron, Palawan

Price                                                                  P3,500/sq meter or total of P10.500M

All expenses to buyer except Real Property Tax update.

Description of Property:

The lot is a titled property located along the national highway, about 35 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes to Coron town proper. It is 50 meters (walking distance) from Coron Westown Resort/Hotel http://www.coronwestownresort.com/ . It is also within walking distance to Fernvale Living & Leisure Subdivision, the one and only upscale residential/commercial development in Coron.

The property is the one in the left side of the photo (behind and on the left and right side of the electric post), with 50 meters frontage from the national highway.  Lot size is 50 meters x 60 meters. The building that you can see in the photo, about 50 meters away, is Coron Westown Resort/Hotel. Almost opposite Coron Westown Resort/Hotel is Fernvale Living & Leisure Subdivision www.fernvalecoron.com .  Also located nearby are Coron Hilltop View Resort and Palawan State University-Coron campus (PSU-Coron).

The owner/seller of this property is also open to selling only a portion of the lot, say 1,000 sq. meters, to suit the requirement of buyer.

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