Hello everyone!

It’s been almost two (2) years since we’ve moved in here in this beautiful place Coron, Palawan.

I’ve gained some friends, made mistakes and (hopefully) learned lessons along the way. Gardening, which is a passion, took a big part of my time in the 1st year.  Previously filled with tall grasses, our garden is now filled with vegetables and fruits that I can harvest when we need them. Fresh and organically grown. My kind of thing.


November 2013.  Immediately started gardening after moving in.


String beans.  One of the first vegetables that I planted in our garden.

My partner is now part of a growing European community in Coron.  I just hope that soon, medical and health facilities will improve because these are lacking here. We have to travel to Manila for the needed check-ups with specialist doctors. A new district hospital building is at the moment in construction stage to replace the present old worn-out hospital building.  We hope that when it is finished, the much needed specialist doctors would also come.

Being a “touristic” place, prices of goods and most commodities are higher here than in other places, except for fish and sea foods being sold in the public market which are still cheaper.  The booming tourism industry provided livelihood for locals and migrants. In the near future (2017),  hopefully Coron/ Busuanga airport will become an international airport.

Would I still recommend this place as a retirement destination? For nature lovers and active retirees, definitely Yes!   Nature in Coron and Busuanga is simply….amazing!

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Licensed Real Estate Broker & Certified Public Accountant in Philippines
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