Hooked with SUP

SUP means Stand Up Paddling, the latest craze in Coron.

At 60, I was quite apprehensive to do it. But the clear waters in Coron beckons.  I was curious to experience the amazing view while on top of a paddle board,  also to test my aging knees.

So one day, I finally said yes to the invitation of my friend and part-time neighbor in Fernvale, Michi Calica Sotto to join them SUPping.   Michi is the founder of SUP Central, a company that organizes SUP tours in select sites in Philippines.  So here I was in my first try:


At Banol beach. My first time to SUP. Awesome!

We paddled beside limestone walls going to the cove.  What an amazing view over and under water!  I fell out of my board and into the water three times haha.  But no worry because you will not be separated from the paddle board as your foot is strapped to a leash connected to the board.   So I was not scared even without a life vest on.  After few minutes of paddling around the cove, Michi called us to explore a secret beach inside a small cave behind the limestone walls.  What a wonderful experience!


After one try at paddling, I was hooked!

Then next time, I tried the mangrove sunset tour.  We started at the river at the back of Fernvale.


Start of mangrove sunset tour at the river at the back of Fernvale Subdivision.


The mangrove river is more than a kilometer long, suited for paddling and kayaking.




The pier of Discovery Island Resort.  We dropped by to have a refreshing buko at the resort.



Just sitting on our paddle boards to enjoy the sunset.

My 3rd time to SUP

SUPping in Coron lagoons

It was windy and the water was rough for paddling during that day.  So the boatman decided to bring us directly inside the lagoons where the water was calm.


Above photo shows part of the enchanting Coron Island. Inside this island are beautiful lagoons.

Here we are with my companions during that day.  We started paddling at the green lagoon, then to blue lagoon, then to twin lagoons.




I feel bit scared when the water down there is blue because it means very deep.  I don’t like to risk falling down into the water. So I usually sit on the board during this time.


SUP lunch. Delicious!



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