Fernvale Living & Leisure Subdivision, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

HLURB License To Sell #26563

For non-Filipinos, Fernvale lots are NOW AVAILABLE FOR LONG TERM LEASE of  up to 75 years





2017 drone shot showing front area near Fernvale gate.  The excavated portion beside the clubhouse and swimming pool is for the construction of a condominium building.

2017-10-18 FLC Drone Pic 001.JPG

Fernvale swimming pool, 2017 drone shot



July 2016 aerial photo of Fernvale


July 2016 aerial photo of Fernvale

Latest photo of Fernvale Living & Leisure Village

August 2015 photo of Fernvale
Living & Leisure Village


development plan


Old aerial photo-wide showing middle to front


Coron town is located in Busuanga Island, shown in the direction of an arrow in Philippine map above

map_calamianes coronlocation_wikipedia          Coron town is located in Busuanga island, the biggest island in the Calamian group of islands at the northernmost part of Palawan, Philippines.  A smaller island beside Coron town is called Coron Island. This island is one of the 50+ islands under Coron municipality.

source of map: wikipedia


map showing location of Fernvale


the entrance gate is beside the highway, on the right side when you are coming from Busuanga airport


entrance and exit gate with guard station (old photo)


Old aerial photo of Fernvale showing  back to front. The big building at the base of the mountain  is Coron Westown Resort (almost opposite Fernvale)


aerial photo_back to front


old aerial photo of Fernvale, just to show the beautiful back view


Fernvale clubhouse


Fernvale clubhouse, main road view


swimming pool behind Fernvale clubhouse

dining_poolside resto

dining at poolside restaurant


main pool and children’s pool with fountain


waterfall from upper pool to main pool




poolside bar in between main pool and dining area


poolside bar and main pool

upper pool

upper pool with side fountains and bridges


upper pool

wall fountain

wall fountains


river for kayaking behind Fernvale-old photo, before development

snorkeling in Siete Pecados

snorkeling at Siete Pecados in Coron


HLURB License To Sell # 26563

A Landmark Development

  • Location ——>5-10 minutes to Coron town proper; 30 minutes from Busuanga airport; 25 minutes to Coron seaport
  • 24-Hour Security —-> with Perimeter fence and wall; with village entrance and exit gates with security station
  • Subdivision Clubhouse —->retail/rental spaces; multi-function halls; basketball court; tennis court; daycare center; playground; swimming pool; manicured grounds; administration office
  • Subdivision Grounds —-> trees line the main road; with subdivision parks and community center; clean river with riverside promenade
  • Boat dock and kayak station
  • Wide roads


The closest thing to paradise.

From inland seas to outer islands. From deep lakes to mountain viewdecks.  From beaches to mangroves. From caves to shipwrecks. From coral reefs to virgin forests. Coron has it all.

From kayaking to sports fishing. From swimming to diving. From bike treks to birdwatching. You will never run out of things to do.

Restaurants and bars.  Hotels and resorts.  Spas and more.  Whether rocking out or chilling out, you have all the options.


Owners and developers:

Jesus Vicente D. Fernandez
Maria Luisa M. Fernandez

Available Lots:

                            Lot Area in sq. m.     Price per sq.m.            Lot Price

Commercial Lots     1,000                 P21,500       P21,500,000

Residential Lots    175 -689   P11,070-P14,930  P1,937,250 –  P10,286,770

Computation- regular Residential Lot: 
Lot Area                                              175 sq. meters
Lot Price @ P11,070 per sq.m.           P1,937,250
    Term:.        30% Downpayment      P581,175                         
Monthly Amortization on Balance:
                 1 year to pay               P120,486      
                3 years to pay             P47,676   
                5 years to pay            P 34,435        
             10 years to pay           P  25,759

Fernvale is the first and only masterplanned residential community in Coron.  Surrounded by nature in an unspoiled area.  Dotted with trees.  With view of the surrounding hills and mountains. Beside a clean river that empties at nearby Coron bay.

Fernvale is conveniently located. Its entrance is right along the concreted national highway.  Ten minutes from the town center.  All of Coron’s attractions are just a daytrip away.  Almost opposite Coron Hilltop View Resort-Hotel and very near Coron Westown Resort-Hotel.  About 200 meters away from Palawan State University-Coron campus.

Fernvale will be a posh development with grand-landscaped entrance, tree-lined all-concrete roads, water and underground electrical systems, complete drainage system, landscaped center park, a full-feature clubhouse with 3 pools, basketball and tennis courts, among others.

Whether you want to live in Coron. Or build a vacation house there. Or retire there.  Or simply invest.  Fernvale is an ideal location for you.

Palawan is the most geologically stable region in the Philippines, relatively free from earthquakes.  http://www.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=78&Itemid=500024

Fernvale Photo Updates

As of 16 June 2016:

riprapped riverside

riprapped side  of the river  behind Fernvale

river-low tide

river behind Fernvale at low tide, and the road access going to sea and planned boat dock

inside Fernvale

Narra Street

inside Fernvale1

at intersection of Narra and Mahogany streets

inside Fernvale2

Yakal Street


Acacia avenue corner Ipil street going towards the river

ipil street_westside

a completed house and a  house under construction at west side of Ipil Street

ipil street

east side of Ipil Street

apitong street

Apitong Street

a house under construction

a house under construction in Mahogany Street

house under constructin1

house under construction at Narra Street

water reservoir under construction

water reservoir under construction

electrical pipes

pipes for underground power system


excavation for underground power system  at end of Acacia Avenue

2 Responses to Fernvale Living & Leisure Subdivision, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

  1. Auntie Bec Fernandez, I am one of the Parmelee, jackie’s sister.We are interested in securing a vacation home at fern vale village (first Phase).

    • pops says:

      Hi Lee Ann,

      Thanks for your message.
      Will connect you to Toti, the owner-developer of Fernvale, your cousin, son of your auntie Bec.


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