For Joint Venture: 8 hectare property at Cheey, Busuanga, Palawan

The landowner is looking for a Joint Venture partner to develop this property into a real estate development project.

This property is suited for a leisure-type development, with mix of villas, condominiums and holiday homes having recreation and leisure facilities.

There had been inquiries for condominium units beside the beach in Palawan. Unfortunately, none yet in Busuanga/Coron and in the whole of Calamian group of islands.


10.141 hectare beachfront property in Cheey, Busuanga, Palawan

8 hectare beachfront property in  Sitio Minit, Bgy. Cheey, Busuanga, Palawan

barangay road inside the property

The barangay road traversing inside the property.

inside beach

at the upper level from beach


old beach house

old beach house

old beach house_right side

south side of the beach, old beach house on the right, bit farther is a tidal inlet

the beach

beach, south side

the beach2

beach view, south side

the beach1

beach, north side

the beach3

beach, north side

tidal inlet

the tidal inlet, sea view


the tidal inlet

the tidal inlet,  mouth of the lagoon

the lagoon

the lagoon, at left side of the road going to Cheey barangay proper


the lagoon at the righr side of the road going to Cheey barangay  proper, good for kayaking from this area to the sea


inside the property


inside the property near the beach


previous beach restaurant site



The view of the islands from the beach.  Behind those islands is Dimakya Island, location of Club Paradise, a popular high-class white sand beach resort.


inside the property



The property for Joint Venture consists of five (5) parcels of titled lands, with orange markings in the map, having a total area of 81,411.66 sq meters.  The area can be expanded later when Owner has secured titles of adjacent properties that he also owns.

Location of Property

The property is located right on Busuanga Island Circumferential Road, Sitio Minit, Barangay Cheey, Municipality of Busuanga, Province of Palawan, Philippines.  A big portion of the Busuanga Island Circumferential Road is  dirt road at present.  There has been more road concreting being done recently, some of these are from the airport area in the direction to the location of this property.  This road concreting when finished can significantly reduce travel time from the airport to this property.

Travel time by Road:
less than 1 hour to Busuanga/Coron airport
1.5 hours to Coron town proper
1.5 hours to the boat station in Coron (to go to the islands)

Utilities Available at the Property:
Electricity- 24-hours electricity
Water – with own water source and distribution system inside
Telecommunication – with Smart, Globe, and PLDT wireless
landline signal (at and near the beach only)

Description of Property


The property has a beach frontage of approximately 238 meters, with fine light brown sand, continuous, and walkable. It has a wide area for swimming. Reef is about 200 meters from shore. Clean seawater. Good potential for various water sports.

Mangrove Swamp and lagoon

The property surrounds a river- like tidal inlet that brings seawater into and fresh water out of a protected mangrove area at the landward side, in accordance to the rise
and fall of the tides. The swamp is extensive with a mix of nipa and different mangrove species from small ones to towering trees. It has a network of slowly flowing channels that reverse flow as the tide changes. These are navigable by small boats, and would be great for kayaking. The tidal inlet is rich in shells, shrimps and crabs due to the changing currents that bring in nutrients.

Nearby Tourism Amenities

a. Diving and Fishing – pristine dive sites within 30 minutes to 1 hour distance by boat, World War 2 shipwreck dives, rich fishing sites, etc.

b. Inland Attractions – Minit hotspring is only 5 minutes away; water falls, nearby mountains suitable for moderate mountain climbing.

c. Calauit Game Preserve/Safari -large African animals existing together with animals endemic to Palawan

d. Resorts – Club Paradise, a five (5) star beach island resort, El Rio Y Mar, a three (3) star beach resort, and many other beach resorts

This property is suited for leisure-type development.


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