Coron Hidden Eden

from Living Asia Channel


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3 Responses to Coron Hidden Eden

  1. Coron is excelent, let me know if there are any subdivisions available, I tried with Fernvale but I had a very bad experience, I’ll be interested if a different one comes to the market,

    • pops says:

      Hi Daniel,
      May I know what is that bad experience you had with Fernvale? Mr. Toti Fernandez, the owner-developer of Fernvale is a very nice and unassuming person. Maybe I can help you.

      Thanks for your comment.


    • pops says:

      Hi Daniel,

      I’m looking forward to help you find a good property to invest in Coron. I’ll find something for you once we are back there. As of now, I am still based in the Netherlands but will be moving to Coron soon for good.

      Muchas gracias!

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